I've always enjoyed drawing, and growing up on a prairie farm increased my observational skills in the colourful world of nature.  The variable weather with each passing season brought a kaleidoscope of colours from spring time greens and pink blossoms to fall’s sparkling yellows, golds and dusty greens.  The joy of watching a sunrise or sunset still holds wonder; and the changing seasons always bring promise for new pictures to paint.

I’ve had lessons in oil and watercolour from local artists and each one has helped me discover the artist within.  For the last four years I’ve painted in watercolour.  Florals were my first attempt at this media, followed by still-life and landscapes.

I’m always willing to try different subjects and find the world is full of new ideas everywhere you look.  My reason for painting is mainly for the fun and joy it brings me and hope others will feel the same observing my artwork.